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MyDNA Pharmacogenomic Testing


Interested in tailoring your medication to your unique genetic profile?

The South Stormont Community Pharmacies are proud to offer MyDNA Servies. Pharmacogenomics testing that helps to understand a patient’s personal genetic makeup and how it responds to therapeutic medication and the risk of experiencing side effetcs to prescribed medications.

MyDNA testing reviews over one third of commonly prescribed medications used in treating medical conditions; including: pain medications, blood thinners, anti-depressants, anti-inflammatory, acid-reflux , and other stomach medications.

During a private consultation, an accredited pharmacy staff member will assist you with registering your test kit and obtaining a DNA cheek sample. Samples are sent to the MyDNA laboratory, who will create a detailed DNA report to deliver to your chosen health care practitioner and pharmacist. With your DNA profile you to can access your confidential report whenever required.

Our pharmacist, in consultation with your chosen health care practitioner, will contact you to review your results and discuss any required medication or dosage changes that can contribute to maintaining your optimal health and wellness. Results are good for life and can save you trial and error with your current and future medications.

MyDNA kits are offered at two different price options: $199.00 for a complete medication panel and $149.00 for one class of medications (gastro intestinal, cardiovascular, mental health, pain medication).

***Click here to view a sample report for the complete medication test***

***Click here to view a sample report for the single category medication test***

Book your consultation today with our online booking service for Ingleside Pharmacy or Long Sault Pharmacy, or call either of our locations for more information at:

Ingleside Pharmasave (613) 537-2477

Long Sault Pharmasave (613) 534- 3777

We look forward to helping you meet all your health care needs.

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